for every sold piece of Anni Maliki Design, 1$ is donated to Runa Foundation.


Five years ago, as I wandered around my local health food store, I spotted a new tea called RUNA.  I was attracted by its tag line‘Clean Energy.’  I had been looking for an alternative to black tea – something that might preserve my morning caffeine ritual but without the down sides of stained teeth and jitters. I bought a box of RUNA.


Since then, I have become a RUNA addict.


The day after I discovered RUNA, I landed on a YouTube interview with Tyler  – the company’s co-founder.   Tyler has a hip, millennial can-do demeanor specific to a particular class of entrepreneurs who radiate a profound belief in their capacity to make positive change.  He described the multi-pronged nature of his visionary company; health, ecological sustainability and social change.  I was inspired.


I am different kind of entrepreneur.   I design jewelry and own a small artisanal jewelry company based in Western MA.  I work with two beloved silversmiths in Bali who painstakingly create each jewelry design by hand.  I then sell my designs at high-end craft shows and online.  But despite the modest scope of my business compared with Runa’s, I feel I have something in common with Tyler.  Like Tyler, I have built my company on strong life-affirming values.  I care deeply about the natural world, so my designs echo the movement, balance and beauty I see in nature.  I care deeply about supporting skilled artisans, so we provide a sustained livelihood for our silversmiths.  And I care deeply about relationships, time, and quality of life, so we keep our business small and engage consistently and authentically with our customers.


Last fall, I decided to align my business with Runa by donating $1 for every piece of jewelry I sell to the Runa Foundation.  I also send a sachet of Runa tea with every online order in the hopes of turning others onto this delicious tea.  I am thrilled to support and celebrate Runa – this company that has so inspired me, and whose delicious tea I enjoy every single day.

Anni Maliki

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