Escarificación de Semilla

  Como pasante de Runa, he estado expuesta constantemente a la increíble astucia y sabiduría de la naturaleza. En el último proyecto Stephanie y yo tuvimos que remojar semillas de Guayusa en ácido sulfúrico para empezar el proceso de germinación. Mientras el pungente olor del ácido entraba en mi nariz, pregunté a mi compañera cómo es posible que este proceso ocurra en la naturaleza ya que a: la existencia de ácidos potentes en la naturaleza

5 May 2017

24 de Mayo, The 1st Kichwa Owned Guayusa Processing Facility

  In an effort to increase indigenous ownership over the guayusa value chain, Runa Foundation has been working with the guyausa producers association from the community of 24 de Mayo to establish the world’s first Kichwa owned and operated guayusa processing facility. Retrofitting existing community infrastructure for the new facility began in February of this year and is scheduled for completion later this summer. Meanwhile, over the last 6 months there have been a series of

Frank Hicks

Independent consultant focusing on sustainable rural development, environmental conservation and impact investing  Worked for TechnoServe, the Biodiversity Conservation Network and the Ford Foundation  Former board member of Root Capital and EcoEnterprises Fund ;current board member of a micro-finance institution and a conservation organization in Costa Rica MA in Public Policy from Harvard, BS in Human Biology from Stanford

Why Fair Trade?

Once again I find myself in the midst of the Fair Trade USA audit. Every year Runa Foundation participates in the Fair Trade USA audit alongside the certificate holder, RunaTarpuna S.A. As the Fair Trade fiduciary for the guayusa producer associations, Runa Foundation is responsible for administering the social premium fund – an additional payment of 15% of guayusa sales that is paid to farmer associations to support community development and strengthen organizational capacity –

19 Apr 2017

Formation de jeunes paysans de la communauté Mushullacta

    Dans le cadre d’un projet de reforestation et de soutien aux communautés locales, des membres de l’organisation « Runa Fundacion », (Ian Cummins, Stephanie Thorton et Romain Faurie), sont partis vivre une semaine dans la communauté Mushullacta. Le but étant de former un groupe de jeunes paysans à la pratique de la sylviculture. L’objectif final est l’apport d’un revenu supplémentaire à ces familles dont les ressources financières sont extrêmement limitées. Cette formation réalisée dans différents