La collecte de données GPS Dans les fermes agroforestières

Cette semaine Leonidas (technicien agricole et agent de liaison avec les communautés) et moi-même, nous nous sommes rendus 2 jours dans la communauté Oritoyaku. Ce village de 80 personnes va prochainementêtre relié à une route. Le développement connaitra une forte augmentation avec l’accès notamment à différents projets de Sylviculture et de reforestation jusqu’ici limités par le manque d’infrastructure routier.   La collecte de données GPS des différentes Fincas (fermes) fut l’objectif principal de notre mission.

Proceso de Certificación Orgánica

Después de veinte minutos en un camino lleno de piedras y con la vista más preciosa a la cordiller de los andes cubierta de selva, llegamos a el pueblo de Puna Ishpingo. Ishpingo es el árbol amazónico que produce un aroma similar al de la canela comercial. Se preguntarán, bueno que tiene de especial esta canela amazónica ? Lo mismo me preguntaba yo hasta que llegamos a un árbol de 15 años de edad y

Community Development -Internship, Stephanie

Hola! I’m Stephanie, the slightly older of the typical interns at Runa Foundation, just entering now into the last of the 9 week I’ve spent here in the Amazon, and starting to feel the inklings of sadness as I know the goodbyes will be coming soon.   After finishing a master’s in environmental science and management back in 2013, I spent the next few years working in marine conservation and then switching gears and teaching

Escarificación de Semilla

  Como pasante de Runa, he estado expuesta constantemente a la increíble astucia y sabiduría de la naturaleza. En el último proyecto Stephanie y yo tuvimos que remojar semillas de Guayusa en ácido sulfúrico para empezar el proceso de germinación. Mientras el pungente olor del ácido entraba en mi nariz, pregunté a mi compañera cómo es posible que este proceso ocurra en la naturaleza ya que a: la existencia de ácidos potentes en la naturaleza

Why Fair Trade?

Once again I find myself in the midst of the Fair Trade USA audit. Every year Runa Foundation participates in the Fair Trade USA audit alongside the certificate holder, RunaTarpuna S.A. As the Fair Trade fiduciary for the guayusa producer associations, Runa Foundation is responsible for administering the social premium fund – an additional payment of 15% of guayusa sales that is paid to farmer associations to support community development and strengthen organizational capacity –

19 Apr 2017

Formation de jeunes paysans de la communauté Mushullacta

    Dans le cadre d’un projet de reforestation et de soutien aux communautés locales, des membres de l’organisation « Runa Fundacion », (Ian Cummins, Stephanie Thorton et Romain Faurie), sont partis vivre une semaine dans la communauté Mushullacta. Le but étant de former un groupe de jeunes paysans à la pratique de la sylviculture. L’objectif final est l’apport d’un revenu supplémentaire à ces familles dont les ressources financières sont extrêmement limitées. Cette formation réalisée dans différents

30 Mar 2017

Anni Maliki Design

for every sold piece of Anni Maliki Design, 1$ is donated to Runa Foundation.   Five years ago, as I wandered around my local health food store, I spotted a new tea called RUNA.  I was attracted by its tag line‘Clean Energy.’  I had been looking for an alternative to black tea – something that might preserve my morning caffeine ritual but without the down sides of stained teeth and jitters. I bought a box

23 Mar 2017

Collecting Hardwood Seeds

  The author Ezra Hereth is currently doing a Social Impact Storyteller – internship for Runa Foundation.   Runa is currently underway on a really cool reforestation project that I recently got the opportunity to help out with. I came along as a documentarian, capturing all the best and most unexpectedly chaotic parts of our adventure.   The project we are working on is a blend of livelihoods building for local farmers and reforestation. Our


  Ishpingo is a plant native to Ecuador and Colombia, “Ecuadorian Cinnamon” as some call it, has a spicy cinnamon flavour. It is smokier and tends to rest on the tongue a bit longer, smoldering with a sweet and spicy goodness that can accompany any beverage or be enjoyed alone. Ishpingo is thought to have been used for flavoring by people native to the amazon since Incan times, but as a product it has not

Into the Rainforest

Into the rainforest : A week spent at Naku, a powerful healing center deep in the Amazon  Naku is a Runa-supported indigenous organization created by the Sapara people of the Ecuadorian Amazon that serves to protect, preserve, and share the ancient wisdom of the Sapara.  Read more:   Snugly situated against the window of a five-person plane, I cling to a coconut and nervously listen to the Spanish pilot garble whirring within my giant headphones