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Unlock the Healing Power of the Amazon

 Amazonian plants have a wealth of healing power waiting to be unlocDAY-TWO-GUAYESA_1197ked –  Join us and  show the world that people everywhere can benefit from the  bounty of the Amazon  without destroying it.

 Today, less than 5% of Amazonian plants have been scientifically studied  for their  medicinal value and we need your help to unlock the healing  power of this region and  empower local communities to share their  wisdom.


Over the next year we are building two extraordinary health centers: Rios Nete in Peru  and the NAKU Center in Ecuador. 
Rios Nete will be a state of the art medical facility where teams of traditional healers and westeriosnetern doctors will work together to treat patients with Amazonian medicines and practices. Researchers will carefully document how the Amazonian medicine works to cure diseases. You can help us build this clinic now.  Rios Nete will be the first licensed medical clinic where Amazonian medicine may be practiced and studied in a clinical context. Rios Nete has purchased 25 acres in the beautiful Huapo Valley in the Peruvian Amazon, designed a state of the art facility, and has become the first Amazonian medical facility to receive permits for construction from the Peruvian Ministry of Health.
 NAKU, deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon, is a wellness and healing center run by the Sápara people. Patients can naku experience first-hand this remarkable and rapidly disappearing culture –  a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The Sápara people  number only 575 and their knowledge of the forest and its plant  medicines may be lost forever. We have partnered with the Sápara to  expand their wellness center and provide a place where patients from all  over the world can come to benefit from the legacy of the Sapara’s healing  tradition.




At RUNA Foundation our mission is to create new value for the Amazon in ways that benefit local people and the forest ecosystem. We began our work with guayusa and now we want to share the transformative potential of Amazonian plant medicine with the global community.
We work closely with indigenous communities to turn their knowledge of native plants into meaningful business opportunities that benefit their communities and help to share the secrets of the amazon with the world.




Join us to build Rios Nete and support NAKU

RUNA Foundation welcomes you to join this project as a sharing ally, advocate,  or fundraiser. You can even travel down to the Amazon to work with us directly over the coming years your donations support preserving Sápara knowledge at NAKU in Ecuador and building the Rios Nete research clinic in Peru.





Rios Nete & Runa Foundation are partnering with indigenous communities to bring together traditional knowledge passed down for centuries with modern medicine and scientific research. We are building bridges between peoples and traditions, medical professionals and Amazonian medicine men to foment  plant medicine research and social enterprise development. We are in a race against time to document the healing plants and practices of the Amazon, before they are lost forever.


How to get involved:


1. SHARE this page with friends on your favorite social sites! Tag us @RunaFoundation #PlantMed and add us to your social profile
2. Make a gift to the construction of Rios Nete and NAKU today for your invite to exclusive VIP events with RUNA in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City.
3. Create your own fundraising page and raise with friends to win an opportunity to visit the Amazon! Challenge friends to donate and unlock new healing power with our colleagues in Peru and Ecuador firsthand.
By raising $50,000 – either with a large gift or a fundraising page – you can join RUNA in the Amazon, where you can explore local traditions and experience plant medicine.


Stories from the Field

At NAKU, Manari Ushigua is a leader of the Sápara people and has spent his life working to protect the Sápara and Copy of HIKE-BATH-201 their territory. He recently shared with us that “even if we disappear, we  want to leave our knowledge for the world.” He said, “we are already  disappearing, but we want to leave this knowledge of medicine so that  everyone can be cured”






At Rios Nete in Peru we finally received the permits to build from the Peruvian Ministry of Health. We plan to start construction as this campaign reaches its goals. You can be a brick in our clinic facility and help provide beds for seriously ill patients to find new treatments for very hard to treat conditions.


Thank you from the entire RUNA Family and all of us at the Runa Foundation, Naku and Rios Nete:
Eliot Logan-Hines, Luke Weil, Tyler Gage, Aliana Pineiro, Sydney Nilan, Raine Donahue, Evonne Heyning, Lindsay McGeehon, and Fernando Rubio. Thanks to Hattaway Communications, especially, Doug Hattaway and Eliana Reyes,  video editor Justin Amore, and composer Alex Ballentine for creating an amazing video. Special gratitude to our amazing host committee of RUNA  allies! Manari Ushigua and Belen Paez, our colleagues in Ecuador, Reid Carolin and Channing Tatum for all of their support, and all of our advisory board members around the world = thank you for helping grow and share this work worldwide.