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Runa works to create valuable products from rainforest plants for consumers in North America and sustainable livelihoods for the people of the Amazon. We bring people together from different worlds who believe people everywhere can benefit from the bounty of the Amazon without destroying it.


“Using the spiritual teachings, lessons and healing traditions of the Amazon as my guide and “playbook”, I built RUNA from a scrappy start-up into a thriving, multi-million dollar company that has become one of the fastest growing beverage companies in the United States.  With the help of investors like Channing Tatum, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Olivia Wilde, RUNA has created a sustainable source of income for more than 3,000 farming families in Ecuador who sustainably grow guayusa in the rainforest. Simultaneously, RUNA has built a rapidly scaling nonprofit organization that is working to create a new future for trade in the Amazon based on respectful exchange and healing, not exploitation and greed.”

-Tyler Gage, Co-founder of Runa and Runa Foundation

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